you know what i dont understand. how can people lie so much. like ok people on the chatline lie all the time they try to make their like sound so great and then when it all coms down to it they arent anything. ok like im going to admit im not the hottest person on the party line. but atleast i dont lie about the way that i look. i mean way lie about it. god made you the way you look for a reason. and everybody is cute in there own special way. i dont care if you agree or not. but most the people on there are like. im soooooo hot. oh yeah and they brag about it 24/7 and i hate to tell you but most of the people that do this are some of the less pretty people on there. like i think for me it might be because i see how there attitude torward other people is and that makes them ugly to me. looks in my eyes are what is temporary. yes you do have to have some physical attraction but not just that. id much rather date an ugly sweet guy then a hot banging buthole that hit me all the time. i dont understand why people are so concered. and they also wanna be someone they arent. like brittany spears adds you on myspace. just so you know it aint really her its a fan that wants to be her or its her fan site. hahaha. well im sorry that once again i got off my subject completely.