well my grandma is my bestfriend. or was my bestfriend. ever since i was little she has basically provided for me. she always bought my school clothes. (in mind my grandpa helped me just as much) and supplies and helped paid the bills when my mom couldnt. i was over at her house all the time. because my mom was busy working or with her boyfriend of that time. (aka: my uncles) hahaha. my meme was the most understanding person in the world. even if i made a huge mistake i could tell her and she would help me though it with out making me feel bad or putting me down.(cant say so much for my mom)  my meme fought cancer all her life.

cancer #1:
this is the first cancer i remember. it was colon cancer. my mom was pregnant with my little brother john at the time. i remember she was in a big hospital. i was only about 7. i remember that she was sick in the bed and even though i was younge this really upset me. i also remember that whenever we went to visit her i rode the elevators so much that whenever i got home it made me dizzy. it was great. haha. but anyways my meme got  a blood clot in her leg. so they had to do some kind of surgery on it. and they ended up taking off her baby toe. but she got through the surgery ok.

Cancer #2:
this cancer was skin cancer. or melinoma. i know i spelt that wrong. i was so upset when ever she found out. i thought she was going to die. she had and operation that took all the muscle out of her shoulder and they were suppose to get the cancer when they done it. she had to take kemo. she started going to a hospital and hour away for it monday thru thursday. then they gave her some to give herself at home. she would take it and only go up there once or twice a week. as she took the kemo she got weaker. the night and day before she ended up in the hospital she was so weak that i carried her to the bathroom that night. she had lost so much weight that this wasnt hard to do. that whole night i laid there awake listening to her cry in her sleep from the pain. this killed me. she was throwing up and just was bad. sunday morning she had me make out her bills because she couldnt hold her hand like that long enough because she was so weak. that night i had to go home. i had school that monday. it was so scary going to school up until the day she died. i will add my poem to this blog when i get the chance. my grandpa called my mom monday morning telling her that my meme was in the hospital. we rushed down there. that night i had to go home with my brother and aunt(who was mentally challenged and also my good friend who died on april 30th 2008) so my mom stayed. that night i didnt know it til the next morning that my meme almost died. she went unresponsive and she probably would of died if my mom hadnt been there because no one would of noticed.  well my grandma stoped the kemo. and go better. i stayed with her two nights during her time in the hospital and she said i was her best nurse. any time she even moved or breathed hard i woke up and made sure she was ok. :-) but she got through it. and they told us the cancer was gone.

i will continue the last cancer in another entry on this page later on.    so maybe ill keep you guessing.