well tomorrow im going to take a driving test for my lisens. im extremely nervous. but i think ill do good except for parrellel parking. i havent never done it. but i dont think that they can fail me just because i cant do it. im also going to my dads this weekend and i will be going to his church on sunday. he is a preacher  at a full gospel church. he says that is were you take a penicostal and a baptist and mix them up and get one fun religion. haha. well i added the fun part. i love going to my dads it is so fun. my dad hasnt always been allowed in my life. my mom was stinjy with me. my dad only got to see me when it was convient for him. i know im spelling these words wrong but im half asleep i didnt go to sleep till late. to many good movies on. haha. but me and my dad are alot alike. to much my mom says. but when im at his house im so relaxed and its so peaceful. kinda like my own mini vacay to a far away land of video games, smiles, and love. way different from my moms house. infact i dont even visit my moms house i havent been there in like a month. same with my dad since i turned 18 in november i havent been there. i cant wait. i get to see my brother and my awesome step mom and my dad. me and my lil brother almost never fight we argue and bug each other but never fight. and my stepmom is like my mom ive known her since i was 6. shes hella great. and of course my dad is the best out of my parents. haha. my dad and me are the opposite of me and my mom. sometimes we have a disagreement. which is far and in between but we never fight like me and my mom. oh my goodness i think im repeating my self. well if i am sorry. :D   well anywho im out for now i will try and get on there computer and update it but thiers is mad slow. so yeah. have a good weekend everyone and ill write to you later.  

(to be contunied with the results of my test and weekend)