well i didnt go to my dads. he cancled and my weekend was a complete drag. like 10000% was. like my grandpa and little brother just went to far. im fucking 18 years old and i was monitored on the phone. but thats ok because i have decided recently that im gone after i get these classes done. the question is were do i go. i could go to virgina. with my pl mom. ive known her 3 or 4 years. live with her and be just a short distance from will. and maybe one day wanna be with him. since we do have a connection. haha. or i could go live with micheal. who is soooo sweet and sooo hot. he is a great guy as far as i know. but i really dont think im his type. even though everyone says i just say that because of my self esteem. but he lives in texas. and idk. either way im going to move. like the song by shinedown -second chance. it says tell my mother to tell my father ive done the best i can and it says that some times goodbye is a second chance. well im tired of being here. and you guys dont even know the half of what ive been through just the highlights of it. so im ready to move away and get a second chance at life. and be happy and never look back. the only reason i didnt run away before was my grandma. she was my everything and ever since she died i feel as if i have no one. i had actually stopped the chatlines for her. and when she died i was all alone. i still am alone. and if i stay here then i will just rot away to nothing or eventually blow my head off. so it would be better to leave.