yeah yeah i said id be back later but i gotta vent this out. you know the book twilight. well if you do then you know the amazing edward cullen. ive been told that im too much like bella. and mostly that is true. i always told myself after reading those books that id never get married unless i found my edward cullen. i guess every gurl feels that way. i mean he dont have to be a vampire but he has to have the same passion that edward does for bella. for me.      i dont really know alot about the guys i talk to but i find it oddly werid that my friend has been in love with me for like 3 years now. since i was 15. we dated when i was younger but i broke up with him. i felt werid dating him. like i was to young to get that serious. he is 19 now. and he still feels the same way for me that he did when he was 16. i find it impossible for people of today. excluding my self because i know that i have the ability. but for some one to be with one person and love one person for ever. yes the older generation of our time can do it. well most of them but for my generation and til the late 20"s i find it not true. people now days think that relationships are a game. they dont realize that peoples feelings are in it and it matters what they say.  i guess because i believe this that i find it odd that he would hold on for so long and wanna be with me and not someone else where he lives at. could he honestly hold on for this long without fail and could he really love me with out conditions?  is it possible? i have no idea and i dont know what to do. i mean i care about him he is a great guy but i just dont know.