do you enjoy talking on the phone but never really get the chance to talk so much.... maybe you are looking for variety in you life. if so try out some of these chatlines. completely free.....long distance charges my apply.

610 404 3188------- this is a free call located in PA. its called Paradise city. it is owned by some of my friends.   must be 18 or older to call. this line is completely uncensored.



610 404 5911---------- jokers playhouse. this is my friend jokers line. this is a great line. there are usually people in room 1#  there are lots of people on there that are really nice. for example: Joker of course and ma gurl nikkalicous and foxy and big a low. and me at times. so i hope you will check this one out.



321 260 8336-----------this is a teen line. yes you do have to be over 18 but there are alot of younger people on there.....(Hint Hint) this is also a free chatline that is fun. if i was you i would choose option 2 from the main menu. this is power chat. you can listen to greetings of callers on the line at that moment and message them or connect with them.



781 452 3313=====77------this is my main one, if you dont like loud noises and fighting dont come here but if you enjoy argueing then come on in. dont forget to press 7 7 and that will take you to the menu.



i will be updating this at times so i hope that you will try them out. if you have any questions please email me at  or call me at (206)-888-3269 and leave a message.


casandra b. baby

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